About us

Niftitech is a small development team located in the southern part of Sweden. We do software development in many different forms.

We take pride in our web solutions that we build from the ground up specified by our client's needs, small simple to use apps that are great day-to-day helpers!

From the start of our first web project GIS related data has been one of our specialities. We develop great software that takes use of your geographic data and let it come alive. Check out some of our work for detailed examples.

We are always interested to hear about your ideas, let us know what you have in mind. Maybe we will create your next great web app!

Here is a few of the projects that we proudly maintain

Together with Hushållningssällskapet Skåne we built the web application that will aid them in their day to day work. They are able to do all of the customer related work on the site. Including viewing a lot of geographic data. During the autumn of 2017 was expanded and more regions in Sweden started using it.

We look forward to continue the development of the site!

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Precision farming in Sweden is growing bigger and bigger. This demands tools that the average user can interact with. Toghether with Hushållningssällskapet Skåne we develop The site where farmers and their advisors can view colored maps of their soil sampling information, create precision farming files and much more.

The goal for is to be the farmers first hand choice when it comes to precision farming tools.

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Loggr is used by farmers to effectively track their time. With a simple interface tracking time has not been easier. Register your team and have a look at the great ways to gain insights using our reports page.

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And lots of more

Our speciallity is foremost small projects that aid the customer in their day to day work.
Maybe they have an old workflow using Excel or plain papers to document their work.
We help them digitalizing this workflow with small, cost efficient, simple to use web apps.

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Who we are

Niftitech is a small team of developers with a background studying at the Computer Science department at Lunds Tekniska Högskola.



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