Some words about who we are

Niftitech is a small development team located in the southern part of Sweden. We do software development in many different forms.
We take pride in our web solutions that we build from the ground up specified by our client's needs.

A great web app will do even better with a great app for mobile devices. We create Android and iOS apps that interact with our web servers.

From the start of our first web project GIS related data has been one of our specialities. We develop great software that takes use of your geographic data and let it come alive. Check out some of our work for detailed examples.

We are always interested to hear about your ideas, let us know what you have in mind. Maybe we will create your next great web app?

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We have a blog were you can read more about our day to day work, thoughts and more.
You can also visit our page where we showcase some of the work that we think are worth mentioning.